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Amelia is the intellectual powerhouse among us.  With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, Amelia's journey is nothing short of inspiring. She initially began her career as a hairstylist, only to take a break to pursue a career in nursing. Amelia's dedication and hard work led her to become a nurse practitioner, a role that demanded resilience and compassion.


However, with the demanding nature of the health profession Amelia found herself yearning to return to her first love: Hair! We are thrilled that she has come back to the beauty industry, bringing with her a unique blend of medical expertise and a passion for hair.


As our hair extension specialist, Amelia's precise skills make her the best at what she does. Who better to trust with your extensions than someone with a trained medical background? She excels in all aspects of hair care but has a particular fondness for brunettes. 

- **Resilience and Compassion**: Gained from working in the demanding health profession.

- **Unique Blend of Skills**: Combines medical expertise with a passion for hair.

- **Hair Extension Specialist**: Precision and skill make her the best in the field.

- **Color Enthusiast**: Especially loves working with brunettes and all things color.


Amelia's ability to provide exceptional care and attention to detail sets her apart. We love Amelia, and we know you will too. Come experience the expertise and warmth of Amelia Valentino – your hair will thank you!

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